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餘聯企業有限公司係結合國內金屬建材及玻璃工程之專業人員組合而成, 每一位成員均具備豐富之專業知識及多年經驗, 成員係結合日本田興金屬公司及力霸帷幕牆及日本輕金屬之技術, 已為臺灣完成多項經典建築鉅作, 往後更可隨時把握契機, 配合世界環保建設脈動, 推廣綠建築, 節能減碳, 太陽能, 及LED節能係統, 為建築師提供最佳之建材選擇及設計理念之闡釋, 並為營建業創造更高的附加價值.


Cupples為美國最大帷幕公司完成最多棟超高樓之個案經驗最豐富.本公司主要成員參與美國最大幕牆公司Cupples公司五年技術移轉之訓練, 科目包括:

  • 設?????? 計: 超高樓等壓空間排水理論之系統設計
  • 工廠生產: 工廠生產作業流程, 生, 品管的作業管控
  • 現場公務: 現場安裝作業流程工率及工地品管作業管控
  • 工程管理: 工程進度之管控及異常之處理
  • 成本控制: 幕牆工程之成本掌控及異常處理






About Yulian Facade

This company was established in April, 1993. It was originally called YULIAN FACADE & METAL WORK ENGINEERING CO.,LTD and specialized in glazing work and water proofing engineering for buildings. Our company mainly undertakes various metal construction material projects, such as

  • Aluminum,

  • Stainless steel,

  • Enamel board for doors and windows,

  • Curtain wall and outside wall glass, etc.

  • CTI Porcelain Panel,


We strive to provide the best services to the construction industries, both local and foreign.

YULIAN FACADE & METAL WORK ENGINEERING CO.,LTD were formed by a group of professional in metal construction materials and glazing work in Taiwan. Each company member possesses strong expertise in his/her field and many years of acculated experience. We thus have been able to complete many grand projects in taiwan. In the future, in compliance with the word's exonomic trends, we hope to avail ourselves of each good opportunity to continue to offer the best choices of construction materials and design concepts for architects. The greatest objective of our company for the construction Industry.


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